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2023 season first half round up. Part 3 Sprints

The 2023 British Sprint Championship started early at Cadwell in March where Nick Scott (1.6 Force TA) took a sixth in one Run Off. At Anglesey at the beginning of April, Rob Tonge (1.4 Force TA) took a pair of strong fifth places with John Loudon (1.1 Force TA) seventh and eighth on Day 1. On Day 2 Loudon scored an excellent second place followed by a fifth while Tonge maintained his strong form with a sixth and seventh.

Loudon and Scott were back at Blyton Park in May with 9th & 11th and 7th and 11th places respectively on Day 1 with similar results on Day 2.

Lydden was next up and Chris Jones (1.0 Force TA) finally made his season debut with an encouraging 3rd and 4th. Loudon and Scott both made the Run Offs and scored well. At the Pembrey double header in June it was expected that the smaller engined cars would be at a disadvantage but Jones took two wins, a 2nd, a 4th and an FTD on Day 2! Loudon backed this up with a 3rd and 4th on Day 1 before engine problems ended his participation.

It was back to Lydden again and another win and 2nd for Jones with Loudon 3rd and 4th.

Elsewhere Stuart Bickley (1.1 Force TA) took a pair of FTD at Nottingham Sports Car Club's Curborough Sprint double header in June.

Chris Jones had an outstanding start to the season (Chris Bennett)

Rob Tonge went well at Anglesey (Neil Lambert)

A pair of FTDs at Curborough for Stuart Bickley (Steve Miles)

John Loudon has posted some excellent results (Kim Broughton)

2023 season first half round up. Part 2 other hillclimbs

Elsewhere in other events and championships Force drivers achieved impressive results. In the Midland Hillclimb Championship Stuart Bickley (1.1 Force TA) and Kelvin Broad (1.3s Force TA) scored well. Elsewhere Allan McDonald (1.3s Force SR4 with a string of Class wins), Paul Rhodes (1.0 Force TA), George Stevenson (1.4 Force PT), Alan Cassels (the ex Will Hall car now fitted with a 2.0t Honda engine), Liam Cooper (1.6 Force TA), Mike Rudge (2.6 Force SR8), Mark Schlanker (1.1 Force HC), Andy Bougourd (1.6 Force PT), George Coghill Jnr (1.1 Force TA)and Tina & Max Hawkes (1.3t Force PC) all put in good performances.

Allan McDonald at Prescott (Stuart Santos Wing)

Andy Bourgourd at Gurston (Steve Lister)

Mike Rudge at Gurston (Steve Lister)

Mark Schlanker at Loton (Stuart Santos Wing)

2023 season first half round up. Part 1 British Hillclimb Championship

Eynon Price (1.7 Force TA) got the season off to a flying start for the marque with a tenth place in the first British Hillclimb Championship Run Off at Prescott in April. Round 2, at Craigantlet saw Darren Gumbley (1.6 Force TA)take a fine fourth in the first Run Off - with a little help from the weather but backed it up with an 11th in the second. Darren also made a Run Off in the next round at Harewood but posted a DNF. May saw the debut of the debut of Terry and Tricia Davis' new Force TA running the team's own 2.0 TKD V8 engine.

Moving on to Doune in June, Olivia Cooper (1.6 Force TA) scored an excellent Run Off eleventh and set a new Ladies record by a considerable margin. In early July Eynon was back at Harewood and made another Run Off appearance.

Eynon Price at Harewood (Steve Wilkinson)

Olivia Cooper at Harewood (Steve Wilkinson)

Darren Gumbley at Loton (Stuart Santos Wing)

Tricia Davis in the TKD engined Force TA at Shelsley (Stuart Santos Wing)

Force drivers end the 2022 season strongly

After a quiet middle of the year competitors in Force racing cars enjoyed a successful end to the season.

In the British Hillclimb Championship, at the Wiscombe meeting at the end of July Eynon Price (1.7 Force TA) took a Run Off ninth and at Prescott in early September Darren Gumbley (1.6 Force TA) took a splendid fifth in the first Run Off while Liam Cooper (1.6 Force TA) was ninth in the second. At the final event of the year at Loton Eynon took a ninth place with Olivia Cooper (1.6 Force TA) taking a tenth.

In the British Sprint Championship Nick Scott (1.6 Force TA) made four Run Off appearances at the Blyton September double header while John Loudon (1.1 Force TA) made three until he lost an engine but still managed to finish the season seventh overall as well as second in the Sprint Leaders. At the Anglesey double header in October, Rob Tonge (1.4 Force TA) took a seventh and three eighth place finishes.

In Scotland George Coghill jnr completed a successful season in the ex John Stone 1.1 Force TA by winning the Scottish Speed Championship and coming third in the Scottish Sprint Championship including four FTDs at Golspie.

Eslewhere at the Three Sisters at the end of July Robbie Birrell (1.1 Force PT) took FTD and at Aintree in September Glyn Sketchley (1.3t Force PT) also took FTD.

Three new Force TAs are set to appear in 2023 with an interesting set of powerplants. Stuart Bickley will be running a 1.1 Suzuki GSXR, Terry Davis will be using one of his V8 TKD motors and Simon Jenks will have a 2.5 V6 in the back of his.

George Coghill jnr had a successful season (David Baxter)

Olivia Cooper at Gurston in May (steve Lister)

Rob Tonge at Anlgesey in October (Neil Lambert)

Robbie Birrell's PT still taking FTDs (Denise Moore)

Force TAs make a winning start to the 2022 hillclimbing season

At Doune on 16/17 April George Coghill Jnr took his 1100cc TA to a class win and third FTD with Paul Rhodes fourth in class with his 998cc TA. On the following day George took another class win with a new record and second FTD while Paul took third in class.

At Prescott on April 24th for the first event on the 2022 British Hillclimb Championship calendar Force TAs were entered for Eynon Price, Darren Gumbley, Liam & Olivia Cooper and Kelvin Broad with Eynon taking a win in the normally aspirated 2000cc class in his 1600cc TA.

George Coghill Jnr winning at Doune (Michael Philp Photos)

Paul Rhodes at Doune (Michael Philp Photos)

A class win for Eynon Price at Prescott (Stuart Santos-Wing)

Darren Gumbley at Prescott (Stuart Santos-Wing)

Force TAs enjoy early season success

With up to 10 Force TAs now competing regularly in the 1100cc and 1600cc classes, there have been a number of early season successes to celebrate.

John Loudon gave his 1100cc TA its first taste of success on its maiden outing at Cadwell Park on March 26th with a class win and a maximum Sprint Leaders score.

At Anglesey on April 2/3 Chris Jones had the Chris Bennett/Chris Jones 998cc TA running reliably at last having overcome most of its new engine installation problems. On the first day he scored two fourth places in the Top 12 Run Offs with the class win. John Loudon took second in class with his TA.

On the second day Chris went one better with a third (equal) in the final Run Off of the week-end - and a class win and new record! John Loudon was third in class and Nick Scott took a class win in his 1600cc TA on the Sunday.

Chris Jones was on form at Anglesey (Neil Lambert)

John Loudon during wet Anglesey practice (Neil Lambert)

A class win for Nick Scott at Anglesey (Neil Lambert)

End of season round up

As the 2021 season draws to a close Force Racing Cars celebrate another successful season for its drivers.

John Loudon (1.1 Force Suzuki HC) won the SBD Motorsport UK HSA Sprint Leaders championship while Will Hall (2.0t Force-AER) and Eynon Price (1.6 Force Suzuki TA) finished eighth and tenth respectively overall in the Motorsport UK British Hillclimb championship.

At the end of the season, Olivia Cooper (1.3 Force Suzuki TA) was the fastest lady competitor at the FIA Hill Climb Masters event at Braga, Portugal.

Robert Tonge (1.4 Force Suzuki TA) also had a good year with some strong Run Off showings in the British Sprint championship, finishing an eventual sixth overall.

John Loudon, 2021 Sprint Leaders champion

Eynon Price, 10th in the British Hillclimb championship (John Hallett)

Olivia Cooper, fastest lady at Braga

A good year for Robert Tonge

Double FTD for Gumbley at Loton

At Loton Park for HDLCC's double header July hillclimb, meeting Darren Gumbley took his Force TA Hayabusa to FTD on both days with a best time of 47.62s.

The winning Force TA of Darren Gumbley (Ron Macdonald)

Podium places for Rob Tonge at Pembrey

Four rounds of the 2021 British Sprint Championship were held at Pembrey on June 5th and 6th.

On Day 2 Rob Tonge took his 1600cc Class Force TA Suzuki to a third and then a second place in the two Run Offs beating many larger engined cars.

After the meeting Rob lay a close third in the British Sprint points table.

John Loudon in his 1100cc class Force HC backed up Rob's performances with a pair of fifth place Run Off finishes on Day 2 following a fourth on the previous day.

Rob in the Pembrey paddock (Kim Broughton)

Two more Run Off appearances at Shelsley for Price

At Shelsley Walsh on June 6th Eynon Price took his Force TA Suzuki to a pair of Top 12 Run Off placings - 9th and 11th - leaving him in eighth place in the overall championship standings.

Also in Force TAs were Darren Gumbley and Liam Cooper who came 5th and 6th in the strong 1600cc Racing Car class.

Eynon 'leans' through the esses (Rob MacDonald)

Darren Gumbley prepares to take the start (Rob MacDondald)

Liam was the faster of the Coopers at Shelsley (Gail Knight)

Hall & Price shine at Gurston

At the British Hillclimb double header at Gurston Down on May 30th Will Hall scored his first Run Off win of the season in the Force-AER WH in Round 4 following a third in Round 3 earlier in the day. A fourth place in Round 5 meant good progress up the Championship leader board but, in Round 6 the car was involved in a high speed roll before the finish line from which, happily, Will emerged none the worse for wear and leaving him third equal in the Championship standings.

Eynon Price (Force TA) again went well, finishing second in the large 1600cc class and scoring a seventh, two ninths and a tenth in the four Run Offs.

Olivia Cooper had a good event with a strong fifth in the very competitive 1600cc class.

Many thanks to Steve Lister for the images.

A Run Off win for Will Hall

Eynon Price prepares at the startline

A good result for Olivia Cooper

Kelvin Broad in his Force TA

Force at Loton

At the opening round of the 2021 British Hillclimb Championship at a damp Loton Park on May 16th Eynon Price put in another stellar performance to score a 7th and 8th in the two Run Offs and win the large, 15 car, 1600cc Class by over a second in his Force TA.

The same class also saw Liam & Olivia Cooper (a strong 6th) and Darren Gumbley in their Force TAs as well as John Stockley in his Force SF.

Will Hall went well in the Force-AER finishing just outside the podium places in the Run Offs with a pair of fourth places.

Eynon Price in the very wet (Rob MacDonald)

A pair of fourths for Will Hall (John Hallett)

John Stockley's Force SF (Rob MacDonald)

Force drivers go well in early season Sprints

Drivers (including some debutants) of Force racing cars went well in a couple of early season Sprints.

At Aintree on April 24th the 1600cc Racing Car class saw Robert Tonge and Nick Scott out in their Hayabusa engined Force TAs with Robert taking the class win while Nick experienced a problem with a front wing retaining bolt which sadly ended his day. Glyn Sketchley was also present and finished second in the 2000cc Racing Car class in his turbocharged Hayabusa Force PT.

The following day at Curborough, Glyn went one better taking FTD while in the 1100cc Racing Car Class Rally driver, John Stone, made his Sprinting debut in a Force TA, finishing second in class with third FTD.

Many thanks to Anthony Mitchell of AMM-Photography for theses images for which the photographer retains the copyright

Robert Tonge took a class win at Aintree

Nick Scott on his debut in the Force TA

Glyn Sketchley's Force PT at Aintree

A strong showing for Force at Prescott as Price stars

The opening hillclimb of the season at Prescott on April 24/25 saw a large contingent of Force racing cars put in strong performances against some tough opposition.

The standout result was Eynon Price in his Force TA running in the 1600cc Racing Car class. There were 14 entries in the class with cars from all the major manufacturers and Eynon took the class by over a second and qualified strongly for both Midland Hillclimb Championship Run Offs, finishing 6th on both occasions. Still looking for more top end power, a successful season is anticipated.

Will Hall (Force WH XTEC) appeared with a car that had been substantially rebuilt and lightened over the winter with improved mechanical reliability being a major objective. After a problematic practice the team reverted to older settings and aero with good results. Third fastest in the qualifying runs, Will went on to finish an encouraging 2nd and 3rd in the Run Offs.

Also competing in the 1600cc Racing Car class were Kelvin Broad, Darren Gumbley and Liam & Olivia Cooper all in Force TAs. They were joined by John Stockley having his first run in an older, spaceframe Force SF. John qualified for both Run Offs finishing 11th and 10th while Kelvin qualified for the second, finishing 11th.

Darren, having moved up to the 1600 Class and changed to Methanol had fuel pressure problems which hampered his performances and the Coopers had a very enjoyable week-end with Olivia finish 8th in Class.

Many thanks to Stuart Wing of Capture Your Car Photography for the images used here.

Eynon Price was very competitive in the Force TA

Strong Run Off performances from Will Hall

Kelvin Broad made a Run Off appearance in the TA

Fuel problems hampered Darren Gumbley's performance

Shortened 2020 season summary

With the 2020 Sprint and Hillclimb season reduced to a few late Summer and Autumn events many drivers missed the season altogether while some managed to get in a few events.

Notable performances included:

The standout performance for Force racing cars in the shortened season was at the wet Prescott on October 3/4. In a good field which included a couple of V8 powered British Hillclimb Championship front runners, Eynon Price took his 1600cc class Force TA to FTD on the Saturday. On the Sunday, against a smaller field, his winning margin was 7 secs! Previously, Eynon had taken a 1600cc class win and 3rd FTD at Loton Park on August 30th and backed this up with a second in class on September 27th.

Kelvin Broad did three events at Shelsley Walsh in his 1600cc class TA, getting down to a 26.60s time on September 13th.He also took in the HSA Curborough Sprint double header on October 10th and 11th coming away with a pair of class wins and 2nd FTDs.

Tina Hawkes was at Shelsley on September 19th setting a 27.94s time in her Force PC.

Finally, the Bennett/Jones 1100cc class Force TA returned to the track with the latest spec GSXR motor after nearly 18 months of development. At the Blyton Park sprint on September 19th and 20th Chris Jones won the class with 4th and 3rd FTD times. At the Pegasus sprint at Castle Combe on October 17th he again won his class and was fifth FTD in a strong field.

Kelvin Broad in his TA at Shelsley (Rob MacDonald)

Tina Hawkes leaves the line at Shelsley (Rob MacDonald)

Chris Jones attacks the Blyton chicane (Anthony Mitchell)

Eynon Price at Prescott (Rob MacDonald)

New/updated cars for 2020

Despite the fact that 2020 has been a 'wash out' for hillclimbers and sprinters so far, this hasn't stopped work on preparing new and updated Force racing cars.

Three new Force TAs are nearing readiness for the return to competition. The first is Robert Tonge's carbon example fitted with an 1440cc RLM Busa and wiring by KP Components. The second is Nick Scott's orange car with a Gen 1 1596cc RLM Busa with the latest MBE 9A9 ECU and wiring by HCI. The final new TA is another carbon car for Paul Rhodes who plans to campaign the car in Scottish speed events and has fitted the ex Eynon Price GSXR engine.

Meanwhile, the Chris Bennett/Chris Jones TA has spent the last 18 months having the latest gen GSXR (L8) motor with VVT and drive by wire fitted. A project that has involved SBD, Daytuner and MBE who have developed parts and software for use in car installations.

Robert Tonge's car at KP Components

Nick Scott's car at the Force workshops

The L8 engine is a tight fit in the TA

Hall's Shelsley double

In one of the closest fought and most competitive British Championship encounters for some time, certainly of the current season, Will Hall took his Force WH-AER to both run-off wins at Shelsley Walsh. Sliding wide out of Top Ess and almost nudging the outside bank each time, he stayed clear of a chasing pack, so closely matched that in the opening run-off even 6-times champion Scott Moran, making a return to the Championship after a couple of month's break, could only finish seventh despite running within half a second of Hall's winning time, which would stand as FTD.

Will Hall blasts off the line at Shelsley (John Hallett)

Force TAs score at Wiscombe

Force TAs were in the points at the British Hillclimb Championship round at Wiscombe on July 18th 2019.

Eynon Price was having the first event in his TA with a 1600cc Hayabusa engine and not only won the 1600cc Class but also took a pair of eighth places in the Top 12 Run Offs.

Darren Gumbley carried over his good form from the Channel Islands events with a ninth and tenth place in his 1100cc TA Kawasaki. He also won the 1100cc Class and broke Alex Summers' record!

Not to be outdone, Olivia Cooper took 1.6s off the outright Ladies record, qualified for the second Run Off and finished eleventh in her TA Hayabusa.

Will Hall took a fifth in the first Run Off in the Force WH AER.

Eynon Price, success first time out in the 1600cc class (Jerry Sturman)

A new Ladies record for Olivia Cooper (Jerry Sturman)

Darren Gumbley, 2 Run Offs and Class win and a new record! (Jerry Sturman)

Channel Islands news

The British Hillclimb Championship headed to the Channel Islands for its traditional July double at Bouley Bay and Le Val des Terres.

At Bouley Bay on July 17 Will Hall managed a fifth and fourth in the Run Offs, pleased that the Force WH AER was running reliably. Darren Gumbley enjoyed a good event with a couple of ninth place finishes in the 1100 Force TA Kawasaki.

Everyone then moved islands to Le Val des Terres on the 20th. After a 4th in the first Run Off and qualifying equal third for the second Will suffered a start line stall and was out of the points. Darren took another ninth place for his fifth score of 2019.


Price scores at Harewood

At Harewood on July 7, Eynon Price qualified his Force TA for the first Run Off and scored points by finishing tenth in what may have been his last outing in the 1100cc class as he looks to move up a level.

Will Hall's efforts in the Force WH were hampered by breaking the rear ARB - twice and resulting in massive understeer. He still managed to finish sixth and seventh in the two Run Offs.

Eynon Price, points scorer at Harewood (Anthony Mitchell)